Monday, June 11, 2012

Feeling lucky ?

I'm not sure if its a South African phenomenon, but the lucky packet was an everyday object of desire for generations of schoolchildren in SA. A couple of Rand bought you a fun surprise, although in reality you knew you were getting a couple of cheap sweets and a trashy plastic toy or two,made in China, all enclosed in a cheaply printed paper packet. For an ephemera junkie like me, what a treasure trove. Of course, like all good things, the lucky packet has gone upmarket and is now made from plastic and features every popular character from Barbie to the latest Disney movie hype. As you can imagine, the also cost a packet now, if you'll excuse the pun, so naturally when I spot an old school classic, I still snap it up and feel the thrill of what treasure might be waiting inside. This is just a sampling of my lucky packet collection.

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